Shorten URLs

Warning - attempting to access a blacklisted URL service has disabled the redirect because it may be malicious

Blocklisted URL is a URL shortener.

You are being redirected to this page because the shortened URL you are following is potentially harmful and has been blocked by our systems.
URL shorteners like are very practical for shortening long URLs. Still they can be used with malicious intent.

For example, spammers typically use URL shorteners to hide their tracks by concealing their destination URLs (which are for selling illegal products, hoax products, or hosting malicious pages with the intent of grabbing your information (email, address, credit card)
We check for such URLs by automatically verifying submissions against the SURBL black list of known sites, as well as blocking sites reported to us by our ISPs.
In addition, spam complaints are taken seriously and investigated with any URLs found to be used for spam promptly addressed.
Thank you for helping us fight spam.